Archive of pieces created from January 31st 2023 & onwards, see Depop page for any older work.
ordered by date - newest first.

starlit swim necklace

celestial court bracelet

chrysalis necklace

no floor necklace

kraken earrings

portal necklace #002

portal necklace #001

custom ring

custom bracelet

sour bag

amoeba bracelet #002

amoeba bracelet #001

sub-zero necklace

lovers' luck bracelet

nick of time keychain

custom necklace

custom necklace

custom necklace

serpent hairclip

force of habit necklace

guardian bracelet

cynicism hand-piece

foul language necklace

changes necklace

crash landing necklace

acid rain bracelet

like clockwork necklace

noughts & crosses necklace

genesis hand-piece

berry pie keychain

motion sick bracelet

metamorphosis necklace

wormhole earrings

custom necklace (remake)

custom keychains

custom necklace

custom necklace (remake)

custom ear cuffs

biohazard necklace

custom necklace

personal necklace

hysteria necklace

hexed earrings

spellbound bracelet

atomica bracelet

opal depths necklace

sorceress necklace

mr sandman keychain

overthinker earrings

overthinker bracelet

overthinker necklace

custom ring

custom earrings

custom necklace

custom necklace

custom rosary necklace

peace of mind earrings

melancholy mayhem necklace

routine bracelet

self reflection bracelet

restless necklace

uneasy necklace

custom necklace

superstition bracelet

venus flytrap keychain

phantom necklace

frankenstein necklace

trick or treat bracelet

innards necklace

sherbet bracelet

morning dew necklace

custom necklace

cyborg bracelet

thumbellina bracelet

decay necklace

motel saturn necklace

custom ring

custom ring

static haze necklace

caution bracelet

oil spill necklace

Nostalgia Collection

chlorine necklace

scrub-a-dub-dub bracelet

neapolitan keychain

sleep tight bracelet

fairground necklace

spoonful of sugar bracelet

slipping through my fingers earrings


stitchcr4ft_ collab keychain #2

stitchcr4ft_ collab keychain #1

amusement park bracelet

tipsy earrings

custom bracelet

custom earrings

custom necklace

custom necklace

#bikostringitinyourstyle necklace

all grown up necklace

flashing lights bracelet

sweet psychedelic necklace

childhood nostalgia keychain

yeehaw bracelet

custom bracelet

strong bones necklace

party clown necklace

swamp fairy bracelet

delirium necklace

custom bracelet

mould bracelet

scribble bracelet

digital landscape necklace

lucky number 2 keychain

night at the opera necklace

bedtime story bracelet

clownin' around phone charm

slime hairclips

personal necklace

personal necklace

hibiscus necklace

stardust bracelet

custom keychain

alien abduction necklace

sorceress hairclip

seabed necklace

toy shop bracelet

berry babe bracelet

soundwaves necklace

wilted earrings

morpho aurora bracelet

heart of amber necklace

mayhem necklace

sour grapes keychain

sugar rush bracelet

living dead girl necklace

nebula necklace

splat necklace

quicksand phone charm

melody necklace

strawberry chapstick bracelet

utopia necklace

empty vessel necklace

cyberbeetle hairclips

atomica keychain

funfetti bracelet

polyphemus necklace

mix n match earrings set #

gasoline bracelet


bliss necklace

specimen necklace

Lucid Dreaming Collection

thoughts necklace

head in the clouds bracelet

rotten apples hairclips

conscience earrings

moth to a flame keychain

memories bracelet

cosmos hairclip

all that remains necklace


poison ivy bracelet

birthday party keychain

toxic necklace

brat earrings

say a prayer keychain

movie star bracelet

night owl hairclips

temptation necklace

superfreak bracelet

lucky number 1 keychain

i've got my eye on you necklace

beach wanderer keychain

playdate bracelet

jealous bracelet

radiation hairclip

lust earrings

strawberry lemonade bracelet

eternal necklace

greed hairclips

cherry cola bracelet

interstellar necklace

lucky bracelet

spirit guide keychain

lamb necklace

miffy keychain

daisy earrings

blood in the water keychain

galactica hairclips

corruption earrings

parma violets necklace

brain fog necklace

tinkerbell phone charm

angel hairclip

treasure chest bracelet

serendipty necklace

regal earrings

decay hairclips

shipwreck necklace

jester bracelet

supernova bracelet

ashes to ashes necklace

alien girl bracelet

blossom hairclip

marshland necklace

fairy dust keychain

day at the beach bracelet

mother nature bracelet

princess hairclip

vengeance hairclip

fawn hairclip

herbivore hairclip

nostalgia hairclip

wish upon a star hairclip

flutter hairclip

kitty necklace

checkmate bracelet

florence bracelet

love spell keychain

labyrinth bracelet

checkmate hairclips

nursery rhymes necklace

thunderstorm bracelet

cupid hairclips

woodland bracelet

sinner necklace

magic trick earrings

epiphany bracelet

magic mushrooms keychain

meteor shower necklace

strawberry shortcake bracelet

doll hairclip

serpentine bracelet

misfortune necklace

sunflower bracelet

awoken necklace

wisteria keychain

black widow hairclip

balance bracelet

tea party phone charm

pixie necklace

mr sunshine bracelet

gumball keychain

chamomile tea bracelet

cyberstar hairclip

cinnamoroll bracelet

down the rabbit hole necklace

circus earrings

forest fiend hairclips

yello kitty keychain

fruit salad bracelet

poison bracelet

daydream necklace

foliage bracelet

resurrected necklace

in bloom bracelet

frozen in time bracelet

poltergeist bracelet

fallen angel bracelet

enchantress bracelet


siren's song earrings

tide pool bracelet

coral reef hairclips

coastline hairclip

saltwater keychain

lagoon necklace

martian bracelet

strawberry fields phonecharm

fairground bracelet

rosebud earrings

sweet dreams bracelet

iceberg hairclips

sweet tooth bracelet

black widow keychain

circus bracelet

lover hairclip

meadow bracelet

tippy necklace

symphony earrings

hexed keychain

afterlife bracelet

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